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Hatrack Heroes!

Elle & Arthur

Have you ever wondered about the “glamorous” lives led by beautiful cabin crew or well-navigated pilots? Well, it’s not necessarily about the shopping we might do, the beaches we sun-bake on, or the hotels and restaurants we frequent. In fact, it is often about experiencing countries from the farthest corners of the globe, and seeing first-hand the many sad and horrific situations faced by these societies. As a result, many selfless airline crew are deeply involved with a number of lesser-known charities and non-profit organisations around the world, dedicating their time and money toward helping the disadvantaged. Whether it be vulnerable children, migrant worker conditions, or perhaps animal cruelty, Hatrack Heroes! aims to raise awareness of these organisations, and give you an insight into their day to day lives. In this podcast we find out what these charities are doing, who they are, and how they are dealing with the issues faced. By listening, we hope these emotional and heartwarming stories will impact you in some way, even if it just makes you THINK!