Hatrack Heroes!

It Takes Courage

November 30, 2020 Elle & Arthur / Pepe LaReina Season 2 Episode 9
Hatrack Heroes!
It Takes Courage
Show Notes

What would you do? 

What would you do if you were asked by your Government to shoot without care into a crowd of innocent citizens. Citizens that you swore to protect... Citizens you chose to serve... Citizens who trusted you? 

This is just one of the stories that came to mind for our guest Pepe, as he tells us of his journey with the Notre Dame Refugee Centre based in Leicester Square, London!
Pepe, other airline crew, plus many other amazingly giving people have been a part of this centre that offers much needed help and advice to those who have been put in to the unfortunate situation of being left on the streets.

Originally set up by the Notre Dame church in Paris, the centre is a place of comfort for refugees or those who might be seeking asylum. It is a welcoming place that offers these unfortunate people some food, some clothing from 'Harrods', a cup of tea or coffee (which many of the crew have loads of experience with), or even just for a welcome chat... 

This kind of chat was how Pepe was able to meet a man from Nicaragua, a policeman who had to flea his country, or face a charge of treason  for not obeying an order.

The aim of the centre, with the help of migration experts, is to help create a path for these people, in their hope for a better life... for a future!

To get more information on this amazing centre, please visit their website at www.notredamerc.org.uk 

...but first, have a listen to this very interesting chat with Pepe, a truly caring and nurturing soul, and someone who undoubtedly deserves to be classed as a 'Hatrack Hero'.