Hatrack Heroes!

Devastation To Deliverance

December 28, 2020 Elle & Arthur / Heinz Schiedemann Season 3 Episode 3
Hatrack Heroes!
Devastation To Deliverance
Show Notes

It's 6am, you're waking up to another normal day, if you celebrated Christmas, you are probably getting over the festivities of the day before.

You have your breakfast with your family, and say goodbye to your husband as he heads off to work.

You hear on the radio some news of goings on around the world, including an earthquake many thousands of miles away off the coast of Sumatra. You don't think much of it as it's now time to get on with your tasks for the day... making the children's beds, having a cup of tea, spending time with the children, and planning a visit in the afternoon to the local markets.

The day starts to tick over, but then... 






...and then an endless void.

Sadly, this was the end to a worldly existence for thousands upon thousands on Boxing Day 2004. The earthquake off the coast of Sumatra created a catastrophic tsunami that wiped out huge parts of the Sri Lankan coast. It was nothing that anyone would've expected in their peaceful villages, but what they got was horrible death and destruction.

Our guest in this episode is someone that has a close affinity with the country of Sri Lanka, and someone who did his utmost in such horrible circumstances. Heinz, Lufthansa crew, spent time living and working in Sri Lanka prior to this day, gaining many friends, acquaintances, and a general love for the country and its people.

This relationship was the catalyst for him embarking on a journey of gratitude to the people as soon as he heard of the horrific news. 

Through his network, he was able to do so much in return for the people of Sri Lanka in the days following the disaster. With the aim of helping those most in need, he was able to generate a large sum of money, and personally go and do what he could with the money raised. 

The situation called for people to be special in this time of need, and Heinz really stepped up to this challenge, and really made a huge difference for those who had had their lives ripped apart. Hear as Heinz tells us his story of courage and determination as he lifts the people up with a 'never give up' attitude.