Hatrack Heroes!

A Hug In A Mug (Part 2)

March 15, 2021 Elle & Arthur / Emma Henderson Season 4 Episode 3
Hatrack Heroes!
A Hug In A Mug (Part 2)
Show Notes

We've been living in a strange and overall depressing kind of world for a while now... Covid has ripped lives apart, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight.
Many of us have come to terms with the restrictions, and living our lives the best way we can, and this includes the many thousands upon thousands of airline crew who were made redundant throughout this whole time. Yes, they may have lost their jobs, just like many others, but one such crew saw an opportunity, a possibility to bring a beacon of light in dark times.
Captain Emma Henderson MBE is our guest for part 2 of an amazing and uplifting chat that I believe will be one that you will all enjoy listening to, and especially relate to. Emma is the Founder/CEO of 'Project Wingman', a not-for-profit organisation run 100% by volunteers, mainly across the UK. 
'Project Wingman' is a collective of ex-airline crew volunteers, who may have been made redundant or furloughed, and are using there time to give back to those doing their utmost during these times - those being the workers of the NHS.
Coined by Emma herself, she likes to refer to what these volunteers do as 'a hug in a mug', basically offering the simple thing of a tea or a coffee in a hospital based 'lounge setup', but arguably more importantly an ear... to listen, to show care, to show empathy... just giving someone the time, and letting them know that what they are doing for us is truly being appreciated on a personal level.
What Emma has started is truly remarkable, and something that many in the NHS are so very thankful for right now. 
Throughout the chat, you can really feel how passionate and devoted Emma is to 'Project Wingman'. It is truly inspirational to hear what Emma has done since this pandemic started, and it was a real pleasure being able to chat with her, and hear first hand about all everything her and her remarkable team are doing.
We hope you enjoy.